by Revere La Noue


“Retrievers” is a 30 second TV spot I produced, directed, and edited for UMBC to showcase the growing spirit and accomplishments of the University’s NCAA Division I Athletic program.

Cinematography by John Vallon

Music by Brian Halladay

This is a MOVIE TRAILER I made for  for the major motion picture documentary, “The Good Fight” featuring one of college football’s  winningest coaches, Bobby Bowden, as he faces the toughest season of his career.  This trailer first aired on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” with Joe Scarborough hosting my fellow producer of “The Good Fight”, Elisabeth James.

Having worked as a producer, editor and creative consultant on “The Good Fight,” I had over 300 hours of footage and more than 2 years personal experience with the film to work with.  I created the soundtrack by mixing the films natural sound, with some music I produced, and music from the Florida State University Marching Band.  

I made the “Bowden Bowl” trailer to promote the film online through one of it’s fascinating sub-plots.

“The Good Fight” is directed by George Butler.  Produced by Elisabeth James, George Butler, Henry Simmonds, and Revere La Noue.  Cinematography by Sandi Sissel and John Romeo.

An ONLINE STORY in HD video from an expedition through India to promote an upcoming IMAX film about the tigers of the Sunderbands for the NEW YORKER magazine.

Editing and Sound Design by Revere La Noue

A series of videos introducing new interdisciplinary programs of study at UMBC which won the Educational Media Award from the National Council of Academic Advisors

Produced, Directed, Shot and Edited by Revere La Noue

“Social Proof” has maybe the most compelling  subject matter of anything I have worked on.  It is a documentary about loneliness, community, and courting women.  It is the story of a 3-day workshop where men come from all over the world to learn to be more attractive to women. 

Produced, Directed, and Edited by Revere La Noue

Camera Ben Wu,

Sound Nick Davilla,

Production Manager Kathy Huang.   

Grant support by the Enerson Foundation

This is a sample of some of my cinematography shot on 16mm film, HD, SD.

“Problems & Prevention is a TRAINING VIDEO instructing surgical teams around the world on proper shock trauma procedure for chest tube insertions.  Produced for The Charles McC Mathias National Study Center for Trauma & EMS, University of Maryland School of Medicine.

“Portrait of a Glitch” is a personal favorite.  It is a short experimental documentary film with an Astrophysicist at Stanford University exploring beauty and irregularity in the natural world. Made with a Kodak Film Grant.  Premiered nationally at the Pacific Film Archives and internationally at Planet in Focus International Film Festival

Directed, Shot, Edited, Narrated and Illustrated by Revere La Noue

Assisted by Leigh Iacobuci, Nick Davila, and Erin Hudson.

This is set of developmental videos for infants.  I worked with doctors from The Center for Child and Family Research at the National Institutes of Health to learn how infants process imagery and develop their cognitive skills.

With that in mind I created two videos design to engage infants in stories that stimulate associations and follow natural learning patterns. The first title “World of Wonder” featuring the world of plants, animals and their habitats.

Produced with Baby Explorer Inc.

with footage from National Geographic.  A Parent Magazine: “Top 10 Video for infants”

The second title, “Things that Go Vroom” features the dynamic world of cars, trucks, tractors, bulldozers, trains, helicopters, planes, and rocket ships.

Produced with Baby Explorer Inc.

with footage from National Geographic.  Production support provided by Ford Motor Company, John Deere, and Southwest Airlines, and NASA.

“Harvest” is a short documentary I made about my uncle living with the challenges of ALS.  It was made in collaboration with the National ALS Association.  The film was used to lobby U.S. Congress in support of stem cell research and continues to be shown across the country to raise awareness and support for research and those impacted by motor-neuron diseases.

Written, Shot, Directed, Edited, and Narrated by Revere La Noue.

In addition to doing creative work on large feature productions, I make short format pieces such as short documentaries, movie trailers, media for colleges and universities, sports marketing spots, as well as informational, awareness, and fundraising pieces. These projects can be shown on theater and television screens, display monitors, DVD players and can be completely internet compatible.  I am always looking for new projects that require unique approaches. 

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